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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: Real time indexing and distribution to lucene on separate boxes (long)
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 21:42:12 GMT
Matalon wrote:

>To clarify how option 3 works:
>You have dira where the search is done and dirb where the indexing is
>done. dirb grows when you add new items to it, and at some point you
>swap and dirb becomes dira, but what do you do then?
The Searcher reloads and points to dira...

>Also, how do you write from the indexer to the directory on the search box?
We rsync the content over...

>2. The index is NFS mounted. The indexer keeps writing to the index, and
>at defined times, creates a NFS snapshot of the index. It then creates
>an entry in a db to let the searcher know that a new snapshot has been
>The searcher checks once a minute the db to see if there's a new
>snapshot. If there is one, it opens the index in the new snapshot and
>swaps it for the old one. The code to do this is synchronized.
>The nice thing about this solution is that you don't have just one copy
>of the index and don't do any copying. But you need to use NFS and
Well... right now I'm thinking that if I can do a merge on the box with 
< 200M per commit that this won't be too much of a burden on the 
searchers as long as it happens at regular intervals. 

Right now though I'm going to have to test this to make sure I can keep 
doing a query and an index merge on the same box with the merge 
happening in a diff process.

Going to send off an email about this in a minute :)



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