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From Chris Kimm <>
Subject update performance
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2004 17:35:41 GMT
The standard pattern for updating an index - removing a document then 
re-adding the modified document to the index - is currently a 
significant performance bottleneck in my application.  I sometimes need 
to update ~1000 documents at a time.  The major cost of this pattern as 
far as I can see is IndexWriter.close ().   Average times for an update 
to an FSDirectory look like this:

delete document: 7 ms
create document: 6 ms
add document: 11 ms
IndexWriter.close: 59 ms

Is there a way to synchronize IndexWriter and IndexReader so that a call 
to IndexWriter.close is not required for each update?  I guess I mean to 
ask if there is a *simple* way to do this.  I imagine that one could 
write an IndexUpdater class which manages the synchronization of Locks, 
temp files, etc.



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