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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Sys properties Was: as lock dir .... once again
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 18:16:14 GMT
hui wrote:
> Index time: 
> compound format is 89 seconds slower.
> compound format:
> 1389507 total milliseconds
> non-compound format:
> 1300534 total milliseconds
> The index size is 85m with 4 fields only. The files are stored in the index.
> The compound format has only 3 files and the other has 13 files. 

Thanks for performing this benchmark!

It looks like the compound format is around 7% slower when indexing.  To 
my thinking that's acceptable, given the dramatic reduction in file 
handles.  If folks really need maximal indexing performance, then they 
can explicitly disable the compound format.

Would anyone object to making compound format the default for Lucene 
1.4?  This is an incompatible change, but I don't think it should break 


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