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From Michael Steiger <>
Subject Re: Best Practices for indexing in Web application
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 07:51:35 GMT
Morus Walter wrote:

> Michael Steiger writes:
>>My problem is that I do not know in advance if or when the "index won't 
>>change for some time". I think of running a counter for all updates 
>>(add, delete) and optimize after some threshold.
> That's what lucene does anyway. 
> Adding documents means adding segments, and when the number of segments
> reaches a certain limit, lucene merges these segments.
> Optimizing also just merges the segments. So if you introduce your own 
> calculation when a merge should be done, your just doubling the effort.
> OTOH it might be worth thinking about optimizing the index at times, when
> there won't be much searches on the index (e.g. nightly). Depending on
> the number of daily updates this might prevent merges during days, when
> there is more search access (while searches can be done parallel to 
> optimizing, the additional task on the same machine will slow down them
> a bit).

I was indeed thinking about doing optimization during nights but only 
after my application-specific threshold would be reached.

> There's are two articles about lucenes indexing details written by
> Otis Gospodnetic that are linked on the lucene web page, that might
> be worth reading. Especially the second (Advanced Text Indexing with Lucene).
Thanks, I have already seen these articles.


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