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From Brandon Lee <>
Subject FAQ 3.41 (modify index while searching)
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 17:47:13 GMT
Hi.  In the Lucene FAQ, 3.41; it's stated:

  41. Can I modify the index while performing ongoing searches ?

  Yes and no. At the time of writing this FAQ (June 2001), Lucene is not
  thread safe in this regard. Here is a quote from Doug Cutting, the
  creator of Lucene:

        The problems are only when you add documents or optimize an
        index, and then search with an IndexReader that was constructed
        before those changes to the index were made. 

  A possible work around is to perform the index updates in a parable
  and separate index and switch to the new index when its updating is

Is this still true?  Looking on the mailing list, it seems like people
are doing this w/ the caveat that any Readers created will not include
documents added by any subsequent Writers.

Also, this FAQ does not state the consequences of this - will Lucene
crash if using a Reader where a subsequent Writer adds documents?  How
about in the case of optimize?

Thanks for any help.

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