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From Morus Walter <>
Subject Re: Best Practices for indexing in Web application
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 07:30:42 GMT
Michael Steiger writes:
> My problem is that I do not know in advance if or when the "index won't 
> change for some time". I think of running a counter for all updates 
> (add, delete) and optimize after some threshold.
That's what lucene does anyway. 
Adding documents means adding segments, and when the number of segments
reaches a certain limit, lucene merges these segments.
Optimizing also just merges the segments. So if you introduce your own 
calculation when a merge should be done, your just doubling the effort.
OTOH it might be worth thinking about optimizing the index at times, when
there won't be much searches on the index (e.g. nightly). Depending on
the number of daily updates this might prevent merges during days, when
there is more search access (while searches can be done parallel to 
optimizing, the additional task on the same machine will slow down them
a bit).
There's are two articles about lucenes indexing details written by
Otis Gospodnetic that are linked on the lucene web page, that might
be worth reading. Especially the second (Advanced Text Indexing with Lucene).


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