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From "Alan Smith" <>
Subject Concurrency
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 17:18:38 GMT
Thanks Doug and Otis. Thats very helpful.

So if an IndexSearcher is open, new documents are just added to existing 
index files which remain under the same name yeah? And an IndexSearcher 
which continues to search these changed files will still return the same 
results (i.e. the modifications won't affect the searches) that right?



Alan Smith wrote:
>1. What happens if i make a backup (copy) of an index while documents are 
>being added? Can it cause problems, and if so is there a way to safely do 

This is not in general safe.  A copy may not be a usable index.  The
segments file points to the current set of files.  An IndexWriter
periodically rewrites the segments file, and then may delete files which
are no longer used.  If you copy the segments file, then, before you
copy all the files, the segments file is re-written and some files are
deleted, your copied index will be incoherent.  Or, vice versa, you
might copy the segments file last, and it may refer to newly created
files which you failed to copy.

The safest way to do this is to use an IndexReader to make your backup,
with something like:

   IndexReader reader ="index");
   IndexWriter writer = new IndexWriter("backup", analyzer, true);
   writer.addIndexes(new IndexReader[] { reader });

This will use Lucene's locking code to make sure all is safe.

>2. When I create a new IndexSearcher, what method does Lucene use to take a 
>'snapshot' of the index (because if i add documents after the search object 
>is created they dont appear in the search results)?

It keeps the existing set of files open.  As described above, Lucene
modifies an index by adding new files and removing old ones.  But an
open index never changes its set of files.


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