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From "Markus Brosch" <>
Subject Re: index: how to store binary data or objects ?
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 13:53:34 GMT
> 1. Store the binary data in files and store the path in Lucene. There's
> scallability issues here when you handle more than a few hundred
> thousand objects.

> 2. Store the binary data in a database and store a unique id in Lucene.
> This will scale better but binary data fetching from the db might be
> slow.

Thank you all for your comments!
In general I understand your suggestions - mostly because of scaling issues.

My application will deal with "small" data sets. The problem is, that I want
to index the content (String) of some objects. I want to refer to that
object once I found this by a keyword or whatever.  So, using a simple map or

Another problem is, that my objects can change their content and must be
"reindexed". Is it possible to remove the single index for that object and build
a new one without reindexing all?

Thank you for help!
Best regards, Markus

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