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From David Spencer <>
Subject Re: Database
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 16:47:48 GMT
Parminder Singh wrote:

>I've a CMS application that deploys metadata to a database. Is it possible to use lucene
to search this database instead of it's (lucene's) index. If you could tell me the steps that
would be involved in doing this, it'd be great help. I'm new to Lucene. 
I've done this extensively. Basically you create documents out of the 
database and in my case I generated a URL for each doc which would be 
fed to users after a query.  This is one of those things where Lucene 
stands apart from what seemed to be the alternatives a few years ago 
(htdig was one thing I used) -- it doesn't have to spider a web site, 
and if you have a dynamic web site (pages generated from db queries) 
then the indexing is in a way more efficient as you don't have to parse 
html to extract what may or may not be the actual text - the db will 
have your exact content so you index off the db, not from web pages..

>Thank You.
>Parminder Singh
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