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From Clandes Tino <>
Subject Lucene and Message Driven Bean
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 11:22:00 GMT
Hi all, 
I am new at this mailing list, although I have been
using Lucene for a quite long time.
I have implemented Lucene API for a pretty big
multi-language groupware application, but I still have
some problems and dilemmas.
I should not use Lucene indexing in schedule procedure
(as I found like common way to use Lucene), because I
am supposed to provide searchable item, as soon as it
is uploaded (document, meeting, forum article etc)
So, I made a solution (described under) and would like
to hear from experts in this field if it is a good or
bad one in general, suggestions and opinions. 
1. Indexing process:
After upload (parallel storage in DB and File System)
I call my Stateless Session Bean which puts uploaded
item (wrapped in JMS Message) in Queue. Message Driven
Bean (configured as One Instance in Pool – under
JBoss) receives message and calls Lucene methods which
then perform indexing stuff.
Dilemma: Is there better way to do this, providing the
same functionality?
Problem: I face the situation that IOException is
raised after call IndexWriter constructor
IndexWriter(Directory d, Analyzer a, final boolean
create) with different messages.
- Index locked for write
- Lock obtain timed out
- Other messages if index is corrupted (no segments
file e.g - I deleted it on purpose)
The thing I would like to do is:
- If Index is locked due to any reason, rollback the
transaction – bring the message back into queue.
- If Index is corrupted, discard the messages in queue
and send mail to administrator.
Do you find an idea to subclass IOException and
somehow treat differently situation when index is
locked from when it is corrupted, appropriate?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Next problem – dilemma is regarding analyzing content
and is to be followed.
Best regards
Milan Agatonovic

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