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Subject Problem using highlighter package
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 08:09:17 GMT
Hi Alex.
Looks to me like you have a classpath problem - you're running with a version other than 1.3
Earlier versions of Lucene didn't have the 2 methods in your error messages.
You'll need to check your classpath settings carefully.

>>I downloaded the highlighter package made available by Mark Hardwood
That's "Harwood" ;-)

>>And by the way, can somebody explain me what the query.rewrite() function is used
>>exactly ?
It takes a query like "foo bar*" and, using the actual terms found in an index turns the query
into "foo bar barstool bark ...".
Doing this can be expensive (it can generate MANY search terms) so it doesn't make sense to
do it once as part of searching and once again as part of highlighting.
Thats why its suggested you rewrite the query yourself once and pass the rewritten query to
the searcher and the highlighter.
The searcher internally will attempt to rewrite the expanded query again but this will cost
very little as there's no expensive term 
expansion to be done (bar* has already been resolved).
Hope this makes sense.


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