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From Ramy Hardan <>
Subject Search Refinement Approaches
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2004 22:32:35 GMT

Reviewing javadocs and previous posts, search refinement or 'search
within search' is best done with a Filter. To fill the Filter's BitSet
with the results of a search, a HitCollector is the obvious solution.
Unfortunately when using HitCollector I have to implement all the
functionality the Hits class usually provides myself.

Is there an efficient way to search refinement preferably without
losing the Hits class? I can think of the following approaches:

- Don't use Hits: collect all scores and document numbers with a
  HitCollector and sort them by score after the search. Retrieve the
  needed documents from IndexReader via document number.
- Use Hits: Briefly examining the source reveals this possiblilty:
  subclass BitSet and override the boolean get(int bitIndex) method to
  additionally set the bit at bitIndex in another BitSet. Use this
  subclass in a Filter and initialize it with all ones (in the first
  search). This way I can tell which documents are tested by the
  IndexSearcher against the Filter by examining the second BitSet and
  use it as a Filter for the refining search. Here's a scetch of this
  for clarification:

  public class FilterBitSet extends BitSet {
    private BitSet bitsForRefiningFilter;

    public boolean get( int bitIndex ) {
      boolean result = super.get( bitIndex );
      if (result) bitsForRefiningFilter.set( bitIndex );
      return result;

  Is this really possible? (might be more of a question for dev)

Last question about document numbers:
When and how exactly do they change? The javadoc states they change
upon addition and deletion. May I assume that a particular document
number is stable as long as it is not changed (deleted and added)
although other documents are added/deleted and optimize() is NOT
called? If yes, is this about to change in the foreseeable future?

Thanks in advance



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