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From "Nicolas Maisonneuve" <>
Subject Re: a search like Google
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2004 14:21:35 GMT

>This will give you (+title:i +title:love +title:lucene)^2 (+author:i +author:love +author:lucene)
>(+content:i +content:love +content:lucene)
this is not the same thing than 
(title:i^2 author:i content:i) +(title:love^2 author:love content:love) +(title:lucene^2 author:lucene
because in the first we must have all the terms in a field  and in the second just one term
is necessary

the david Spencer is good but we can use the lucene syntax query  like phrase query, prefix,
boolean, etc..
so to use all the lucene syntax , we have to hack the parser 

see my fulltextparser code ..

i made a parser
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