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From Ardor Wei <>
Subject Lucene search result no stable
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 00:57:47 GMT
Hi, experts,

Our application pulls data out of DB and write as
lucene document every 5 minutes. We use a loop to keep
updating document. But we only use 1 writing thread
and always closes IndexWriter once we finish writing.
Unfortunately, we always got IOException and
FileNotFoundException ( I guess there is some problem
with the lock time setting inside Lucene, though I am
not sure). Our IndexSearcher doesn't do deletion, so
it is thread safety. But the problem is we sometimes
get the results (e.g 10) we expect, sometimes we get
nothing. I traced with other engineers through our
code using Lucene. It looks like it is pretty straight
and correct. But the exceptions keep being thrown and
I think the unstable search result is also related to
these exceptions. 

What might be the problem? How to solve it?
Any suggestion or idea will be appreciated.


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