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From Morus Walter <>
Subject Re: Philosophy(??) question
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 07:36:36 GMT
Scott Smith writes:
> I have some documents I'm indexing which have multiple languages in them
> (i.e., some fields in the document are always English; other fields may be
> other languages).  Now, I understand why a query against a certain field
> must use the same analyzer as was used when that field was indexed
> (stemming, stop words, etc.).  It seems like different fields could use
> different analyzers and the world would still be a happy place.  However,
> since the analyzer() is passed in as part of the IndexWriter, that can't
> happen.  Is there a way to do this (other than having multiple indexes which
> is a problem trying to do combined searches)?  Or am I missing something
> more subtle?  Sorry if I'm plowing old ground.
AFAIK you need to write one analyzer that acts different based on the
the 'fieldName' parameter in the tokenStream method.
I haven't done that though.


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