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From Iain Young <>
Subject Searching for -
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 17:01:14 GMT
Hi folks, another newbie question for you.

I'm using Lucene to index huges chunks of source code, (cobol, jcl, c, java,
text documents etc). In some of these languages (such as cobol) it is valid
to have a variable name of DISP-NAME for example. The problem I have is that
when you enter this search string into the lucene query engine, it reads the
- character as a "NOT" modifier rather than as part of the word, and so I'm
getting incorrect results, (it basically does a search for DISP NOT NAME).

Anyone any ideas as to how to get around this (can you 'escape' the modifier
characters so that Lucene doesn't interpret them as such for example)?

Iain Young

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