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From Dror Matalon <>
Subject Re: best way of reusing IndexSearcher objects
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2003 19:54:32 GMT
On Thu, Dec 18, 2003 at 11:40:32AM -0800, Doug Cutting wrote:
> Dror Matalon wrote:
> >There are two issues:
> >1. Having new searches start using the new index only when it's ready,
> >not in a "half baked" state, which means that you have to synchronize
> >the switch from the old index to the new one.
> That's true.  If you're doing updates (as opposed to just additions) 
> then you probably want to do something like:

At this point, we're just doing additions.

>   1. keep a single open IndexReader used by all searches
>   2. Every few minutes, process updates as follows:
>     a. open a second IndexReader
>     b. delete all documents that will be updated
>     c. close this IndexReader, to flush deletions
>     d. open an IndexWriter
>     e. add all documents that are updated
>     f. close the IndexReader
>     g. replace the IndexReader used for searches (1, above)
> >2. It's not trivial to figure out when it's safe to discard the old
> >index; all existing searches are done with it.
> >
> >To make things more complicated, the Hits object is dependent on your
> >IndexSearcher object, so if you have Hits objects in use you probably
> >can't  close your IndexSearcher.
> >
> >Is this a correct analysis or is there an obvious strategy to work
> >around this issue?
> Right, you cannot safely close the IndexReader that's being used for 
> searching.  Rather, just drop it on the floor and let it get garbage 
> collected.  Its files will be closed when this happens.  Provided you're 
> not updating more frequently than the garbage collector runs, you should 
> only ever have two IndexReaders open and shouldn't run into file handle 
> issues.

Actually, rather than relying on the GC, my plan is to always have two
indexed open, the current one and the previous one, and when I detect
that it's time to switch, I then close the oldest index. Luckily in a
web environment, we know that searches are not going to be around for
several minutes, and I make sure that my indexes don't change more often
than every 15 minutes.

Thanks for the prompt and detailed feedback.


> Doug
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