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From Dror Matalon <>
Subject Lucene CLI
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 20:31:40 GMT

I'm working on it in my "spare time" so it's not moving as fast as it
could, but I suspect that's true about most of the developers.

What I got:

o Uses standard readline commands so all the usual things like ^P, ^N,
tab completion, etc work as expcted.  BUT to support this part you'll
need an external shared library since you can't do this in java.

o The following help command displays the current supported commands:

lucli> help
count: Return the number of hits for a search. Exaple count foo
explain: Explanation that describes how the document scored against
query. SLOW
help: Display help about commands. Type help command for specific help
about a certain command.
index: Choose a different lucene index
info: Display info about the current Lucene Index. Example:info
optimize: Optimzie the current index
quit: Quit/exit the program
search: Search the current index. Example: search foo
terms: Show the first 100 terms in this index. Supply a field name to
only show terms in a specific field.
tokens: Does a search and shows the top 10 tokens for each document.

o Here's an example of a search:

lucli> search dror
Searching for: contents:dror item:dror dtstamp:dror description:dror
link:dror channel:dror
2 total matching documents
---------------- 0 score:0.20296207---------------------
contents:Re: YES: You CAN respond to the WHOLE LIST
description:Thanks for the clarification Dror.
... whole group and to the specific se
---------------- 1 score:0.050740518---------------------
contents: Fastbuzz  news  service

 <p>FASTBUZZ  --  I  use  Zapatec's  <a
 <B>href=>Bloki</a></B> for  the  engine  behind
 <cite>Media  Studies  Revision  Wiki</cite>  and  I  like  the
 ancillary  services  on  offer  <B>there.<p>Bloki</B> have  deployed
 <a  href=>Fastbuzz</a>  as  a  way  to  track
 changes  to  newsfeeds,  blogs,  forums,  and  anything  with  a  URL.
 You  can  use  Fastbuzz  to:<ul><li>See  the  latest  headlines  from
 the  New  York  Times    (they  have  a  subscription  key).<li>Track
 blogs  as  they  update.<li>Get  alert  when  people  post  to
 <B>Bloki</B> forums.<li>See  the  latest  job  offerings  on  Craig's
 List.<li>Monitor  breaking  news  on  <a
 href=>Electric  News</a>.<li>Hear  the
 other  side  of  the  story  through  the  eyes  of  <a
 Drivers</a>.</li></ul>To  set  things  up,  you  subscribe  and
 organize  your  lists  as  Web  channels  with  <a
 href=>Fastbuzz</a>.  Choose  e-mail  delivery  like
 me  and  they  deliver  straight  to  your  mobile  phone  several
 times  each  day.<p>There  is  no  software  to  download  because
 everything  runs  on  the  server  side.  <font  size=1><HR><a
 <B>href=>Dror</B> Matalon</a>  --  <B>"Bloki</B>


On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 03:23:45PM -0500, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> On Thursday, December 4, 2003, at 03:07  PM, Dror Matalon wrote:
> >By the way, all these fun things are going to be part of the CLI that
> >I've been playing with.
> >
> >Anyone interested in helping test?
> Of course!  Is it something you plan on donating to the Lucene project? 
>  LUKE and Limo and your CLI would all make for nice additions.  I would 
> even think a CLI tool would be something worth distributing with Lucene 
> (as a separate JAR).
> 	Erik
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Berkeley, CA 94709

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