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From Scott Smith <>
Subject Lucene Art
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 21:25:16 GMT
I'm not having a problem.  The question is whether I picked a reasonable set
of parameters for what I'm doing.

I have an application which receives messages.  Each message averages around
4k bytes and I get, on average, 0-10 every minute.  So my application simply
wakes up once each minute, opens an IndexWriter, creates Docs for each
message, adds them to the index, and then closes the index writer.  Once per
day I optimize the index.  The access to the index is via webpages (so
multiple simultaneous accesses can occur and I don't want too much latency
between a message arriving and it's availability in the index).  Based on
posts I saw in the user archives, I set the mergeFactor to 10 (which I think
is the default anyway).  I probably get 10-20 MB's per day and I'll want to
index 60 day's of messages (so 600MB to 1.2GB of messages).

Does this sound like a reasonable approach?  Any parameters I should change?
Any others I should be setting?  So far it is working fine, but I haven't
had enough messages to see how things perform when the index gets large and
I am new to using Lucene.  Wondered what people with more experience with
Lucene thought.  I'm using 1.3RC3 if it matters.


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