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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Dates and others
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2003 20:51:30 GMT
On Saturday, November 22, 2003, at 06:33  PM, Dion Almaer wrote:
> 3. I have some fields suck as title, owner, etc as well as the content 
> blob which I index and use as
> the default search field.  Is there an easy way to extend the 
> QueryParser to merge it with a
> MultiTermQuery which can also search this meta data and give them 
> certain weights?  Or, if you go
> down this path do you have to leave the QueryParser behind and build 
> your own queries?  Any best
> practices would be great.

And Ype said:
You can provide field weights at document indexing time (norms) and use 
MultiTermQuery for searching multiple fields. At query time you can
again use field weights.
I don't know how the scoring of the MultiTermQuery is done,
it might use the max. score over the fields of a document, or combine 
scores in the fields of a document.
---- end Ype's reply cut and paste

I'm a little confused with this question and Ype's reply.  
MultiTermQuery is an abstract base class under Query, which is the 
parent for WildcardQuery and FuzzyQuery.

What I think you're after is using MultiFieldQueryParser, but you want 
to weight the fields differently.  You can add the boosts at indexing 
time using Field.setBoost.  Unfortunately at the moment 
MultiFieldQueryParser is not very extensible - there are some open 
issues with its subclassability but subclassing MFQP and overriding 
getFieldQuery will do the trick when the subclassing issues are 
resolved allowing you to boost at query time.

Making an educated guess at what you're doing with Lucene, Dion, I'd 
venture to say that boosting at indexing time is sufficient for your 


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