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From "sam s" <>
Subject RE: Context-based suggestions with spell check
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 01:14:53 GMT
Levenshtein is again word based like spell check. I found Jazzy quite handy 
to some level for spell check. I am not worrying much about the spell check 
part. What I want to do is show user right spell check suggestion (when 
spell check returns multiple suggestions) based on other words he/she 
entered for the search.
Once again going to same example
User enters: inted motherboard
spell check returns 3 suggestions for inted

In this situation since I have both words intel and motherboard in one 
document of my search collection I should able to show user something like
Did you mean: intel motherboard?

One simplest way to achieve this is do search 3 times for all three 
suggestions with word motherboard and show user suggestion for which search 
got more hits. Problem with this is number of iterations involved. If there 
are suggestions on two words user entered, there will be all kinds of 
combinations and those many iterations. So I dont want to go this way.

I haven't studied in detail how lucene does indexing and search on it. I 
don't know whether that will help.

Has anybody come across this problem? Or I must be missing something..

Again, I apologize if you guys think this is not right post for lucene user 


>From: "sam s" <>
>Reply-To: "Lucene Users List" <>
>Subject: RE: Context-based suggestions with spell check
>Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 00:35:13 +0000
>I actually thought of using search for right combination of suggestions but 
>I feared of performance degrade. I'll look at levenshtein.
>>From: Dan Quaroni <>
>>Reply-To: Lucene Users List <>
>>To: 'sam s ' <>
>>Subject: RE: Context-based suggestions with spell check
>>Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 19:22:51 -0500
>>  I would also suggest 'intend' as a possible correction.
>>There are a decent number of algorithms out there for distance between to
>>words.  Check out levenshtein for that.
>>In terms of context based corrections, you could do a search for the word
>>combined with the word in front of it and the word behind it.
>>"I just bought an inted motherboard"
>>Then you do a search for "an inter", "an intel", etc and "inter
>>motherboard", "intel motherboard", etc and count the number of hits you 
>>for each one and rank your suggestions accordingly.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: sam s
>>Sent: 11/20/03 7:07 PM
>>Subject: Context-based suggestions with spell check
>>I am thinking to give spell check functionality to the search. I am
>>to achieve two things to complement search.
>>1. Spell check where dictionary will be composed of all text I am
>>search index. This looks simple with some spell check implementation.
>>2. The problem I am facing is how do I suggest right suggestion to a
>>word accompanied with other word. For example when user enters search
>>'inted' spell check returns suggestions inter, intel and intek. Now
>>is when user searches 'inted motherboard' how do I decide that user is
>>searching for 'intel motherboard'? Where there are some items contain
>>'intel motherboard'. How do I make context-based suggestions? Does
>>any simple algorithm for this.
>>I know this is not related to lucene but thought may get some help from
>>community. Suggestions are appreciated.
>>Thanks in advance,
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