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From "sam s" <>
Subject Context-based suggestions with spell check
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 00:07:22 GMT

I am thinking to give spell check functionality to the search. I am trying 
to achieve two things to complement search.

1. Spell check where dictionary will be composed of all text I am creating 
search index. This looks simple with some spell check implementation.

2. The problem I am facing is how do I suggest right suggestion to a wrong 
word accompanied with other word. For example when user enters search term 
‘inted’ spell check returns suggestions inter, intel and intek. Now problem 
is when user searches ‘inted motherboard’ how do I decide that user is 
searching for ‘intel motherboard’? Where there are some items contain text 
‘intel motherboard’. How do I make context-based suggestions? Does anybody 
any simple algorithm for this.
I know this is not related to lucene but thought may get some help from 
community. Suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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