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From petite_abeille <>
Subject Re: moving documents from one index to another?
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 14:54:02 GMT

On Nov 20, 2003, at 14:34, Eric Jain wrote:

>> I see. Assuming I have the relevant terms for a given document, how
>> would a build a new document based on those terms? Something like
>> adding each term's field and text to the new document?
> Yes.

Ok. Retrieving the term for a document turns out to be pretty 
straightforward, but building a new document turns out to be slightly 
more convoluted than expected... I basically need to know which kind of 
field to create (Stored, Indexed, Tokenized), but this information 
doesn't seem to be available in the document I'm trying to clone. I 
thought I could use the original Document's getField() method to 
retrieve this information, but aside from the Keyword field, none of 
the other fields are available... where can I get this info at this 

Here is the problematic method for cloning a document:

	private Document cloneDocumentWithTerms(final Document aDocument, 
final Collection someTerms)
		if ( aDocument != null )
			if ( someTerms != null )
				Document	anotherDocument = new Document();
				anotherDocument.setBoost( aDocument.getBoost() );
				 for ( Iterator anIterator = someTerms.iterator(); 
anIterator.hasNext(); )
					Term    aTerm = (Term);
					String  aKey = aTerm.field();
					String  aValue = aTerm.text();
					Field   aField = aDocument.getField( aKey );
					boolean isStored = aField.isStored();
					boolean isIndexed = aField.isIndexed();
					boolean isTokenized = aField.isTokenized();
					Field   anotherField = new Field( aKey, aValue, isStored, 
isIndexed, isTokenized );
					anotherField.setBoost( aField.getBoost() );
					anotherDocument.add( anotherField );
				 return anotherDocument;

			throw new IllegalArgumentException( "Index.cloneDocumentWithTerms: 
null terms." );

		throw new IllegalArgumentException( "Index.cloneDocumentWithTerms: 
null document." );

The problem is that aDocument.getField( aKey ) returns null most of the 
time. What gives?



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