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From Gerret Apelt <>
Subject Re: Score
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 20:25:04 GMT
Tracey --

it would help if you could give more detail on the types of documents, 
fields and analyzers you're using. Also what do you mean by "Multi Field 
Search"? I presume you're using the MultiFieldQueryParser to have query 
terms in a user-submitted query be searched for in each field in your index.

If I am understanding your problem, then it might be the same one I had 
a few weeks ago -- highly relevant matches would not receive a high 
ranking. (This paragraph will apply to you only if you use more than 
just one Analyzer for the set of your fields). I had six fields in my 
index, most of which were populated with a standard analyzer. I used 
self-made Analyzers for two of the fields. This turned out to be my 
problem when using MultiFieldQueryParser: I told my 
MultiFieldQueryParser instance to use only the standard analyzer. 
Instead I discovered that I needed to make use of 
org.apache.lucene.analysis.PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper and feed that to the 
MultiFieldQueryParser. Unless you do this, your problem is whats 
described here:

Most likely, if your scoring is off, you're "doing something wrong" in 
the way you use the Lucene API -- at least, thats what I've discovered 
to be the case when my ranking is off.

If you're interested in the nitty-gritty of how scoring is done, check 
this FAQ entry:


Pleasant, Tracy wrote:

>I'm using the Multi Field Search to search all the fields of my
>documents during the search. 
>When it returns results the scores are numerically low - .06, .17, etc.
>I would think if I searched for "Dog" and there was a doc with "Dog" in
>the title and several times in the contents of a document that it would
>receive a score more like 1.0 or close to it.
>Is there a way that I can tweak the score?
>I tried using Boost but that did absolutely nothing.
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