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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Query Filters on term A in query "A AND (B OR C OR D)"
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 21:50:59 GMT
Jie Yang wrote:
>  --- Erik Hatcher <> wrote: 
> Well, not quite, User normally enters a search string
> A that normally returns 1000 out of 2 millions docs. I
> then append A with 500 OR conditions... A AND (B or C
> or ... or x500).

Are you adding the same 500 terms to each query?  Or even a similar set? 
  If so, then filters could help.  If the 500 terms are different for 
each query, then filters probably won't help you.

> How long will the filtered doc id be retained in the
> memory? can I manually manpulate this filtered doc
> ids, say pre-populate a sets of filtered data in
> memory and play with memory sizes.

A filter requires 1 bit per document in the index.  So, if you have 1M 
documents (which is what I recall you have) then each filter will 
require around 125kB.  You could pre-populate them.  Check out QueryFilter.


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