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From Ype Kingma <>
Subject Re: Dates and others
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 04:11:33 GMT

On Sunday 23 November 2003 12:51, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> On Saturday, November 22, 2003, at 06:33  PM, Dion Almaer wrote:
> > 3. I have some fields suck as title, owner, etc as well as the content
> > blob which I index and use as
> > the default search field.  Is there an easy way to extend the
> > QueryParser to merge it with a
> > MultiTermQuery which can also search this meta data and give them
> > certain weights?  Or, if you go
> > down this path do you have to leave the QueryParser behind and build
> > your own queries?  Any best
> > practices would be great.
> And Ype said:
> You can provide field weights at document indexing time (norms) and use
> a
> MultiTermQuery for searching multiple fields. At query time you can
> again use field weights.
> I don't know how the scoring of the MultiTermQuery is done,
> it might use the max. score over the fields of a document, or combine
> the
> scores in the fields of a document.
> ---- end Ype's reply cut and paste
> I'm a little confused with this question and Ype's reply.
> MultiTermQuery is an abstract base class under Query, which is the
> parent for WildcardQuery and FuzzyQuery.
> What I think you're after is using MultiFieldQueryParser, but you want

Thanks for the correction,

> to weight the fields differently.  You can add the boosts at indexing
> time using Field.setBoost.  Unfortunately at the moment

and thanks for explaining how to provide field weights.


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