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From Jie Yang <>
Subject Query Filters on term A in query "A AND (B OR C OR D)"
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 20:20:48 GMT
Can anyone clarify a bit more ont he issue below? I
don't seems can find out any hints in this list.

Much Thanks..

> > Again, I still feel a bit curious and want to find

> > out does lucene do (or in the future) pre-filter 
> > on "AND join conditions". For example, A AND (B OR

> > C OR D). if A finds 100 docs out of 1 million, can
> > lucene restrict the searchs on B,C,D only within 
> > the 100 docs found? Thus boost performance

> Ah, this was mentioned recently on the list.
> I don't remember what the conclusion was, but 
> Erik did remind us of Lucene's filters which can 
> help in some situations.
> Otis 

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