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From David_Birtw...@VWR.COM
Subject Re: Limit on number of required/prohibited clauses
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 18:22:26 GMT

Hi Scott/Eugene,

I don't think that the limitation of 32 required/prohibited clauses is
related to the BooleanQuery maxClauseCount.

The default maxClauseCount of Boolean query is set to 1024.  This
restriction is to prevent a wildcard term expansion from creating a query
with thousands of clauses.  The limitation of 32 required/prohibited
clauses is a different limitation and I believe has more to do with the way
queries are processed at a low level.

Eugene, can you group your terms so that you have less than 32
required/prohibited clauses?  For example, instead of a query that is "-red
-blue -yellow -green", you could do "-(red blue yellow green)" and reduce
your required/prohibited clause count from 4 to 1.


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Hi Eugene,

Yes.  Doug (Cutting) added this to eliminate OutOfMemory errors that
apparently some people were having.  Unfortunately, it causes
backward-compatibility issues if you were used to using version 1.2.
So, you'll need to add a call like this:


(Of course, you can set the parameter to whatever you want, but
unrestricted works best for me.)


Eugene S. wrote:

>I've come across the limit on the number of
>required/prohibited clauses in a boolean query (the
>limit  is 32). What is the reasoning for having such
>limit? Can it be circumvented?
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