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From "Brian Campbell" <>
Subject Re: Keyword search with space and wildcard
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2003 15:04:54 GMT
Great.  Is there an example anywhere on how I might be able to build such a 
Query?  QueryParser isn't really all that simple since it's built with 

What might be ideal for me is if I can continue to use the highlevel 
interface to build the main query (ie use it to parse my query string and 
return me some kind of Query - BooleanQuery, TermQuery, etc) and then build 
a WildcardQuery by hand and "combine" the two together?  For example, is it 
as simple as calling Query.combine() to combine the two?  Is there a better 
way?  Is there a documented example like this?  Thanks!


>This can be done, AFAIK.
>This is one thing that many people seem unaware of: you don't HAVE to use
>QueryParser to build queries. In your case it seems like you should be able
>to construct query you want if you either by-pass QueryParser, or create
>a dummy analyzer (one that does no tokenization but returns all input as
>one token).

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