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From Dan Quaroni <>
Subject RE: Confusion over wildcard search logic
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2003 14:23:59 GMT
Your email prompted me to re-read the query parser documentation.  There are
only two examples using parentheses, which seem to be the answer to my
questions.  They are:

 (jakarta OR apache) AND website 


title:(+return +"pink panther")

These leave a lot unanswered, though.  I mean, for example, what would
happen if the query were:

title:(+return +pink panther)
title:(return*pink panther)

I.e. are the + or booleans required between each word inside the

I guess the answer is that I need to just play with it and find out, but as
others have mentioned, the documentation is lacking in some respects and I'd
say this is one of them... Maybe I'll submit some answers when I figure them
out. :)

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