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From "Hackl, Rene" <Rene.Ha...@FIZ-Karlsruhe.DE>
Subject Re: derive tokens from single token
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 12:50:38 GMT
> As Erik says, it seems that you basically want a PhraseQuery.

A PhraseQuery would do - and certainly perform much better - if I could
guarantee, that two conditions are fulfilled:

1. as you mentioned, the analyzer must be intelligent enough to rip such
formulas into the right tokens. Sometimes however only the context makes
clear where a descriptor ends and another one starts. Moreover, there are
hundreds if not thousands of possible constituents (like "bi", "tri",
"penta", "hexa" etc. ).

2. users do not only enter queries in terms of the smallest possible
constituents, but also combinations of these, for instance
Q:"*hydronaphthalene*". If the resulting answer set contains
"hydro-something-naphtalene" this will raise eyebrows.

What is more, the index will consist of english and german documents.
Therefore it would be nice to put a wildcard at the right place and get hits
in both languages.

> what about bi/tri-grams + some sort of hit filtering? It will do the 
> job. 

Yes, we thought about some kind of n-gram support. At first glance though we
couldn't see how to reduce the noise efficiently, but if there's time, I'll
give it a try.

As for the AliasFilter class: when I realized how easy it would be to make
the necessary changes I hardly couldn't believe it. Thanks again, Erik! 

For the sake of "compile-and-go" I put the slightly modified class at the

Best regards,

René Hackl


package org.apache.lucene.analysis;

import java.util.Stack;
import java.util.StringTokenizer;

import org.apache.lucene.analysis.Token;
import org.apache.lucene.analysis.TokenFilter;
import org.apache.lucene.analysis.TokenStream;

public class CutOffFilter extends TokenFilter {  

   private Stack currentTokenAliases;

   public CutOffFilter(TokenStream in) {
     currentTokenAliases = new Stack();
     input = in;

   public Token next() throws IOException {
     if(currentTokenAliases.size() > 0) {     	
       return (Token)currentTokenAliases.pop();      

     Token nextToken =;
     addAliasesToStack(nextToken, currentTokenAliases);     
     return nextToken;

   private void addAliasesToStack(Token token, Stack aliasStack) {
     if(token == null) return;

     String tokenString = token.termText();
     String tokenSubString = "";
     int x = 1;
     for( int i = tokenString.length(); i > 4; i-- ) {
     	tokenSubString += tokenString.substring( x, tokenString.length() );
     	tokenSubString += " ";     	

     //System.out.println( "SUBSTRING ELEMENTS: "+tokenSubString );

     StringTokenizer tokenizer = new StringTokenizer(tokenSubString, " ");
     while(tokenizer.hasMoreElements()) {
       String nextAlias = tokenizer.nextToken();       
       Token nextTokenAlias = new Token(nextAlias, 0, nextAlias.length());


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