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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Lucene Scoring Behavior
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 20:55:51 GMT
If you're using RangeQuery to do date searching, then you'll likely see 
unusual scoring.  The IDF of a date, like any other term, is inversely 
related to the number of documents with that date.  So documents whose 
dates are rare will score higher, which is probably not what you intend.

Using a Filter for date searching is one way to remove dates from the 
scoring calculation.  Another is to provide a Similarity implementation 
that gives an IDF of 1.0 for terms from your date field, e.g., something 

public class MySimilarity extends DefaultSimilarity {
   public float idf(Term term, Searcher searcher) throws IOException {
     if (term.field() == "date") {
       return 1.0f;
     } else {
       return super.idf(term, searcher);

Or you could just give date clauses of your query a very small boost 
(e.g., .0001) so that other clauses dominate the scoring.


Terry Steichen wrote:
> I've run across some puzzling behavior regarding scoring.  I have a set of documents
which contain, among others, a date field (whose contents is a string in the YYYYMMDD format).
 When I query on the date 20030917 (that is, today), I get 157 hits, all of which have a score
of .23000652.  If I use 20030916 (yesterday), I get 197 hits, each of which has a score of
> So far, all seems logical.  However, when I search for all records for the date 20030915,
the first two (of 174 hits) have a score of 1.0, while all the rest of the hits have a score
of .03125.  Here is a tabulation of these and a few more queries:
> Query Date      Result
> =======        ========================
> 20030917        all have a score of .23000652 (157)
> 20030916        all have a score of .22295427 (197)
> 20030915        first 2 have a 1.0 score, all rest are .03125 (174)
> 20030914        all have a score of .21384604 (264)
> 20030913        first 2 have a 1.0 score, all rest are .03125 (156)
> 20030912        all have a score .2166833 (241)
> 20030911        first 3 have a 1.0 score, all rest are .03125 (244)
> 20030910        all have a score of  .2208193 (211)
> I would expect that all the hits would have the same score, and I would expect it to
be normalized to 1 (unless, I guess, the top score was less than 1, in which case normalization
presumably doesn't occur).  
> Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on here?  (I'm using the latest
CVS sources, obtained this afternoon.)
> Regards,
> Terry

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