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From "Gwo Haur, Fun" <>
Subject RE: taxonomy with lucene
Date Wed, 24 Sep 2003 07:57:03 GMT

>The approach is very simple. Every document has a field for a unique
>a field for the identifier of its immediate parent, and a field for
those of all 
>ancestors. This allows you to write queries such as "name:human
ancestor:2759" to find 
>organisms that have "human" in their name, and are Eukaryotes (but not,
say, viruses).

>One drawback of this approach is that doing incremental updates is not
possible, or at 
>least very complicated (duplicated information in the ancestor field),
and you must be 
>careful about the order in which you add documents to the index (parent
before child).

Are these fields and their values added during the index operation? I
mean is it possible to add in the fields at a later time (ie after
indexing). What about updating the fields? 

It seems like I have to remove the index item and then re-index it in

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