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From "Chris Sibert" <>
Subject Re: Lucene features
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2003 18:42:48 GMT
Lucene Users List <>

> > I am wondering if Lucene is the way to go for my project.
>      Probably.  Tell us a little about your project.

It's pretty basic. I'm just indexing 4 large text files, ranging up to 100MB
in size. They don't ever change, and are on a CD-ROM. Each file contains a
bunch of small documents. I just create one index for all 4 of them. These
documents are for an association that I belong to - they contain a history
of the association's documents - and my application allows you to search

They are actually currently indexed by an application called 'Sonar', by
Virginia Systems. But I REALLY didn't like using their user interface -
blech - so I decided to
write a new interface for my own use. But Sonar costs some real bucks to be
able to develop against their search API, so I found Lucene, and decided to
go with it.

Here are the search features that 'Sonar' has :
  Boolean Searching
  Proximity Searching
  Wild Card Searching
  Field/Block Searching
  Relevancy Ranking / Date Ranking
  List of Occurrences in Context

  Phonetic Searching
  Relational Searching
  Associated Words
  Drill Down Search Narrowing

I think that Lucene has all the features in the first group. How does it
stack up against the second group ?

I'm writing the whole thing in Swing, which has been time consuming, and so
have invested quite a bit of time into this project. But I'm seeing the end
of the tunnel, and want to make sure that I'm going down the right path
before I spend too much more time on it.

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From: "Steven J. Owens" <>
To: "Lucene Users List" <>
Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 1:34 AM
Subject: Re: Lucene features

> On Wed, Sep 03, 2003 at 12:45:25AM -0400, Chris Sibert wrote:
> > I am wondering if Lucene is the way to go for my project.
>      Probably.  Tell us a little about your project.
> > I don't know what other search engines are available out there,
>      Lucene isn't a search engine _application_, it's a search engine
> _API_.  Lucene gives you what you need in order to build the search
> engine you want, instead of spending gobs of time trying to figure out
> the 10,000 options available for a search engine application, or
> trying to warp somebody else's ideas of what you need to meet what you
> really need.
> > and how Lucene stacks up against them.
>      Pretty well, if you're willing to put a (very) little time and
> energy into to building the application you need.  I know.  I've done
> it.
> > I am wondering if Lucene has a full set of searching features,
> > comparable to what I might find in a reasonably priced commercial
> > package.
>      There is no comparison :-).  Lucene is a fundamentally decent
> piece of technology.  This puts it head and shoulders above most
> commercial packages.
>      Specifically, the Lucene search engine API is blindingly fast at
> searching and at indexing, and comes with several built-in packages to
> provide several of the commonly needed functions (like a web search
> engine style query language parser).
>      Additionally, a wide variety of people have been down this road
> and done a wide variety of things with Lucene, so you're likely to be
> able to find examples, in the Lucene sandbox or in the lucene-user
> archives, of how to do whatever it is you want to do.
> > Anyone with a solid knowledge of Lucene care to make me feel warm
> > and fuzzy about my decision so far to use Lucene ?
>      Tell us a little more about your project requirements and I'll
> tell you enough specifics to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.
> Lucene isn't perfect for _everything_ (and anybody who claims that a
> given technology *is* perfect for _everything_ is lying).  But it's
> quite good for a number of things.
> -- 
> Steven J. Owens
> "I'm going to make broad, sweeping generalizations and strong,
>  declarative statements, because otherwise I'll be here all night and
>  this document will be four times longer and much less fun to read.
>  Take it all with a grain of salt." - Me at
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