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Subject javacc problem + path/link problem in html demo
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2003 18:30:41 GMT

I get the error, when I run ant, that it won't build.

why am I building?  when I run the web demo, all the links are formed with
luceneweb/ preceding them (the links are incorrect):

and the links come out as:


when it should be:


and I'm using tomcat, btw.

I hunted down the line that gets the path in HTMLDocument (in the demo),
and added some scaffolding to see what it says the link is; and so I wanted
to recompile it (the thought is, that I could do a substring on the path,
if is indeed adding luceneweb/ as part of all the paths). (it's a bit of a
hack, but if it would work....)

anyways, I downloaded javacc and am trying to build, with no avail.  I've
read through the newsgroup archives, read the help files, and looked on the here I am emailing the group

thanks so much.

some more detail:
ant can't find javacc -  (also, it wants; but the javacc
distrib. I got only comes
with javacc.jar)

from my file (I added this myself):

# Home directory of JavaCC
javacc.home =   c:/Java tools/javacc-3.1/ = ${javacc.home}/bin/lib = ${}/javacc.jar

(the above snippet seems to do no good :(


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