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Subject RE: NLucene up to date ? Lucene.Net is up to date.
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2003 14:40:45 GMT
Excellent news.

Will you be keeping the source up to date with the java developments ?
Can't wait to get my hands on the source, yes that damn bit shift operator (unsigned ?) always
worried me =)

Just by the way, would the .NET version have a similar style sandbox area where users can
submit small add-on type functionality ?
For example, field sorting.
Would love to share the code for use and comment as this seems to be a common request.

Big thanks Pasha,
Brendon wrote:
> Hi,
> > I talked to one of the maintainers of NLucene and he said 
> > that he was planning on releasing a 1.2 version (not beta 
> > apparently) in two months. That was back in June and I 
> > haven't heard or seen anything since then so I cant really 
> > say if it is still being actively developed.  Sounds like you 
> > are doing the same thing I am doing which is adding 
> > functionality that you need on your own.  I've also added a 
> > few things to NLucene like multifield queries and the default 
> > boolean operator setting.
> By the way, I hope that Lucene.Net 1.3rc1 will be available 
> from in this week. Lucene.Net is ready, but
> sourceforge is not :)
> Lucene.Net is a complete up to date port of Lucene 1.3rc1
> includes samples and demos (web demo also).
> A few differences between nLucene and are:
> 1. version of Lucene: Lucene.Net is a 1.3rc1, nLucene - is a 1.2
> 2. java code compatible: Lucene.Net only change naming notation, like
> "IndexWriter", nLucene 
> implement some methods as a attributes and others
> 3. demos: Lucene.Net contain all of Lucene demos and tests include web
> demos. nLucene does not.
> 4. .NET Framework 1.1 and VS 2003 compatible
> 5. (for internal developer only): correct implement of >>> java operator
> :)
> Pasha
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