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From "Eric Hahn" <>
Subject RE: Similar Document Search
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 23:49:18 GMT
Apologies for asking the obvious, but could someone explain why
Documents.Document is a sealed class?

Seems like many of us would love to implement UniqueDocument to support
this oft-requested uniqueness field.  Would still have the task of
implementing an IndexWriterEx.AddDocument(UniqueDocument), but all the
"uniqueness" tests could be encapsulated in UniqueDocument...

Along the same lines, Document.Field is also sealed... Have others
wished to derive from that, too?  In our case, it would be to have a
notion of field "schemas" so the isstored, isindexed, istokenized
values, etc. could be defined once for the field.  More exotic things
like field aliases, etc. could be implemented there, too.

Just curious... Wrapping the classes works fine for now.


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