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From "Wilton, Reece" <>
Subject Exceptions while Updating an Index
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 21:18:09 GMT

I am getting exceptions because Lucene can't rename files.  Here are a
couple of the exceptions that I'm getting:
 - couldn't rename _6lr.tmp to _6lr.del
 - couldn't rename to segments

I am able to index many documents successfully on my Windows machine.
The problem occurs for me during the updating process.  My updating
process goes like this:

  for (each xml file i want to index) {
    // create new document
    parse the xml file
    populate a new Lucene document with the fields from my XML file

    // remove old document from index
    open an index reader
    delete the term from the index   // this successfully deletes the
one document
    close the index reader

    // add new document to index
    open an index writer
    add the document to the index writer
    close the index writer
Any ideas on how to stop these exceptions from occuring?  No other
process is reading or writing to the index while this process is


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