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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: Make Lucene Index distributable
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 22:56:07 GMT
Uhl V., DP ITS, SCB, FD wrote:

>Hallo All,
>We have developed our WebApp with Lucene under Tomcat 4.X and stored index
>in file system. Now this Web Application have to move to Bea Weblogic
>Cluster. My Problem is to create a distributable Index of Lucene. Have one
>ideas or experience how to do this?(How to store Index?)
Bring up one machine as a master Index.  All index updates should be 
performed here.  You can then take machines out of service, rsync the 
index, then bring them back online.

Also the IndexSearcher can work with multiple indexes and you can just 
keep syncing mulitple indexes over instead of updating one monolothic 
index.  In this situation you wouldn't need to take machines offline but 
you would have to swap in the new index once the rsync is complete.  A 
simple dir rename could make this atomic.


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