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From "Brian Mila" <>
Subject Re: Similar Document Search
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2003 00:57:12 GMT

> As a user of Lucene I missed some features. Part of the OSS culture is
> for me to tell others about this and maybe to try to find solutions.
> Mark's code seems to be one, so I proposed to consider adding it into
> some spot with better exposure for testing. And I don't seem to be the
> only person with the need for these features. I think Lucene would be
> better if these features were easily available. If the Lucene team
> doesn't think so -- fair enough, it is their project. But asking me to
> stop requesting features in a (hopefully) sensible way is pretty much
> against the spirit of OSS and hacker culture as far as I understand it.
> Does that answer your questions?

Yep.  I guess we have different philosophies but are more or less heading toward the same
goal :)   I've been on other projects
where the response to questions has been "look at the source".  So maybe I have gotten into
a bad habit of hacking first and asking
questions second.  thanks for the excellent reply, btw.


>   Peter

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