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From "Brian Mila" <>
Subject Re: Similar Document Search
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 03:26:56 GMT
> amounts). I failed to find a way to get Lucene to give me this
> information without hacking this or that. Considering the attention IR

Excuse me if this is off-topic, but isn't hacking the code what open source
software is all about?  I mean, its always better to try to do it with
existing methods but if it can't, why not hack the source?  If it works and
people use it then it should probably be incorporated into the main source
tree.  If poeple don't use it (or the hack is terribly ugly, which may be
what you were referring to) then it doesn't make the cut.  In either case,
I'm just wondering why I see many questions or answers include this almost
standard reply.  I hack the source regularly to acheive a needed goal.
Sure its not forward-compatible, but if I waited for the feature to be added
on its own, our project would never get off the ground.


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