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From Andy Scholz <>
Subject Re: Spanish analyzer and Indexing StarOffice docs
Date Tue, 22 Jul 2003 02:16:07 GMT
We tried the udk approach late last year but it was an awfully clumsy 
soultion - requiring you actually run an OO app instance as a 'server'. It 
kind of worked but the show-stopper was that OO is so tied into the UI, 
whenever an error occured (i.e. file not found etc), a dialog box pops up 
and nothing else happens till it gets acknowledged. In fact, AFIK you have 
to have X windows (or some other gui) for it to even run at all (the 
giveaway being the splash screen that shows when you start OO via the sdk 

Apperently a new command line option was being added to suppress UI (but 
then how do get error messages?), but it was only in the cvs head (as of 
late last year) but we gave up on it becasue it was just too messey a 
solution for our server-side needs. If you want to use it as an app on a 
workstation though, it might work fine for you.

There also was(is) a project underway to provide a filter interface (called 
x-filter I think) that provides a set of import/export filters for OO that 
would be ideal to use for text indexing purposes, but I think it will be 
quite some time before that becomes available.

I havent looked at it in a while but - I'd stick to Peter's first 
suggestion - unzip it & read the XML.


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