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From Andy Scholz <>
Subject Re: Lucene MBean service for JBoss
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 17:52:53 GMT
Hi Dan,

I'm not sure whats going on there, I've checked the moveNext & it seems OK. 
It seems that somehow the page got indexed twice, or two hits are being 
returned for some reason. I cant replicate get this tho so I'd aprreciate 
any more info you might be able to give me - e.g. if you comment out the 
setDocumentURL (so that only metadata is indexed) and change the query to 
to something like "title:jboss", does it sill return two hits. Also there 
are some unit tests in the file you might want to run - 
this has a bunch of tests that test the service both locally and remotely - 
these should(!) fail if there is a problem and hopefully give more 
indication as to what the problem might be.

Thanks for your feedback!

Andy Scholz

> Hi Andy
> This looks like a very useful MBean (quite a bit more developed than the 
> one I was working on).
> One quick query on the quickstart example though, when I run it I get the 
> output twice:

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