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From Flavio Eduardo de Cordova <>
Subject Lucene 1.3rc1 on Java 1.3
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2003 14:51:20 GMT

	I have a class that searchs for some documents in an existing index
(see the code below). It works fine when I run it on a 1.4 JVM but it throws
a NullPointerException (or crashes the JVM, in another computer) when I run
it on a 1.3 JVM.
	I'm using Lucene 1.3rc1 and the exception/crash occurs in the
"search" method.

	Is it a bug ? Should I be doing something else ? Have you been using
1.3rc1 on 1.3 JVMs ?

public static void searchIndex(String path, String field, String queryStr,
String retField) {
	try {
		Searcher searcher = new IndexSearcher(path);
		MyOwnAnalyser analyser = new MyOwnAnalyser(); 
		Query query = QueryParser.parse(queryStr, field, analyser);

		Hits hits =; //, filter);
		for(int i=0; i<hits.length(); i++) {
			Document doc = hits.doc(i);
			float score = hits.score(i);
			System.out.println("Found document \"" +
	} catch (Exception e1) {

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