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From Anthony Eden>
Subject Re: AW: DBDirectory available for download
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 13:07:30 GMT

Jan Agermose wrote:

>I have just downloaded DBDirectory, changed what was needed to make it run
>with Firebird and tried using it. I'm sorry to say, writing the index is so
>slow as to make it useless. I have not done anything to find the problem -
>and I don't think I will find the time for it... :-( Could be the BLOB
>handling in the driver? Every 10 addDocument it stalls and
>writer.optimize(); is really bad...
If you do find the problem please let me known so I can change it.  I'll 
try to hunt it down as well.

>And as for changes needed to run this on interbase (I can post the source if
>needed) - a column cannot be named "length", int(XX) needs to be changed,
>the code for getting the lock reads "insert into XXX set name = ?,
>directory_name=?" but needs to be "insert into XXX (name, dir_name) values
>(?,?)" of cause.
If you can send me a schema for Interbase I will include it in the 

Anthony Eden

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