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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Files getting deleted when optimize is killed?
Date Sat, 12 Jul 2003 12:05:30 GMT

--- Steve Rajavuori <> wrote:
> I've had a problem on several occasions where my entire index is
> deleted --
> that is, EVERY file (except 'segments') is gone. There were many
> users on
> the system each time, so its a little hard to tell for sure what was
> going
> on, but my theory is this:
> My code will automatically call optimize( ) periodically. Because the
> index
> is very large, it can take a long time. It looks like an
> administrator may
> have killed my process, and its possible that it was killed while an
> optimize( ) was in progress.
> I have two questions:
> 1) Does anyone know if killing an optimize( ) in progress could wipe
> out all
> files like this? (New index created in temporary files that were not
> saved
> properly, while old index files were already deleted???)

I highly doubt it.

> 2) Does anyone know of any other way all files in an index could be
> inadvertently deleted (e.g. through killing a process)? For example,
> if you
> kill the process during an 'add' would that cause all files to be
> deleted?

Same as above.  You can create an artificial, large index for testing
purposes.  Call optimize once in a while, and then kill the process.  I
don't think Lucene will remove your files.


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