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From Morus Walter <>
Subject Lucene Index on NFS Server
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 14:11:14 GMT

I'm currently planing a web application using lucene for search.

There will be two web server maschines responable for the application
and the searches. Two maschines basically to be failsafe, load is not
expected to be a problem initially, though this might change over time.
So scaling is a minor concern but not completely irrelevant.

Now the question is, where to put the lucene index:
a) each web server might hold a copy of the lucene index
   In this case the index might be updated on a third copy and then
   copied to the web servers (e.g. once an hour)   or   each web 
   server updates it's copy of the index independently.
b) the lucene index is put on a NFS server, hosted by a third machine.

The index is modified often, the expected index size is a few 10000 
documents, where each document has some 2 kByte text.
The number of documents might grow over time, but it's not expected
to exceed a few 100000 documents in the foreseeable future.

>From these numbers I expect an index that could be cached by the search
machines, if the index is on a NFS server. So NFS performance issues
should be mitigated.

Are there any problems with lucene related to such an setup?
Can I have a lucene index on a NFS filesystem without problems
(access is readonly)?
What setup would you prefer?

Any input apreciated.


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