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Subject Using Lucene in an multiple index/large io scenario
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 19:54:19 GMT
i am ProjectManager from the java mailclient-project and we integrated
Lucene as the search-backend half a year ago. It is now working for small scale mailtraffic
with increasing mailtraffic Lucene throws OutOfMemory and TooManyFilesOpen-Exceptions.
I am now wondering if Lucene is capable of doing the job for us (like Otis Gospodnetic suggested)
and would appreciate any help and knowledge you can share on this topic.

I think the problem arises from following issues:
- Lucene is designed to create an index once in a while and not to update an index frequently.
   We need it to add and delete documents very often *and* search the index eventualy after
   every operation. Has anyone experiences running Lucene in such an environment or do you
   think it is impossible? 

- Do you have an suggestion on how to use Lucene in such an environment because it is not

   very nice code if you have to create a new IndexReader/Writer after every operation?

- We introduced a RAMIndex that is merged to the FileIndex after N operations to reduce the
  load and to not merge documents that are removed directly after they are added (with filters
  on the mailboxes that is happening very often). Any ideas if that was wise or if there is
  better solution?

- Does Lucene have problems with many indices in the same virtual machine? We have an index
   for every mailfolder and get TooManyFilesOpen-Excpetions when having >10 indices open.
   Maybe we should try to have only a single index that holds all messages? 

If you like to look at sourcecode, how we implememted all this look at

Its not nice to just give you the plain code and not the relevant snippets, but these are
general design issues that i think are better explained in words than in code.

I would really like to see Lucene integrated in Columba, but i had to learn that it is no
task, maybe an impossible one. Based on the responses i willl decide if we continue to work
with Lucene or sadly have to drop it.

Thanks in advance
Timo Stich

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