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From Ulrich Mayring <>
Subject Re: commercial websites powered by Lucene?
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 08:30:09 GMT
Chris Miller wrote:
> I'm not clear on why you think we'll soon be back up to the same load on the
> DB server?

Experience ;-)

If my DB Server is overloaded and everyone knows that, people will not 
come with some less-than-important ideas for additional searches and 
stuff. And if they come I can turn them back. However, once the DB 
server actually has capacity again, flocks of people will demand 
(rightly so) that their wishes be realized now: "Cool, now you can run 
my report every minute instead of every hour."

 > What is going to increase the load? Our volume of data is not
> increasing, all that will change is that the DB will no longer get hit for
> searches. We'll still be pulling content etc from the database at roughly
> the same rate, but that doesn't appear to be a source of any problems.
> Whether we offload the searching to MySQL DBs or Lucene makes no difference
> as far as I can see.

Not in as far as load increase is concerned. But there are some 
differences you'll have to consider:

SQL vs. Lucene Query Language
Users/Groups/Permissions vs. nothing
Transactions vs. nothing
Vanilla indexing vs. powerful, flexible, customizable indexing
All kinds of APIs vs. Java API
need to write a replicator vs. need to write an indexer



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