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From Ulrich Mayring <>
Subject Analyzers, Queries: three questions
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 09:50:07 GMT
Hi folks,

I'm using the Snowball analyzer to index my documents. As an example I 
took the Tomcat documentation, which includes a document with the title 
"Workers HowTo". I put this string in a field called "title", within 
which I later do my query (of course again with the same SnowballAnalyzer).

At first I indexed the field as a Keyword (== not tokenized) and Lucene 
later couldn't find it, when I searched for "Workers HowTo". I found out 
that tokenization apparently includes application of the Analyzer, so if 
I put my query through an Analyzer, then the field to search must be 
tokenized. Hence my first question:

1) How can I search untokenized fields? Do I have to pass my query 
through a "NullAnalyzer"?

Next I made the title field a Text field, so it is tokenized. Now Lucene 
finds the document, but with a low score of 0.27. Sure enough, browsing 
the index showed me that the value of the title field is stored 
"unanalyzed", i.e. "Workers HowTo" - exactly as retrieved from the 
document. On the other hand, after parsing the query, the query is 
actually transformed to "(title:worker title:howto)". This does of 
course not give an exact match, therefore I guess the low score and my 
next questions:

2) How can I pass the value of a field through an Analyzer before 
storing it?

3) How can I fine-tune my query, e.g. by saying that for searching 
within the contents fields I want to pass the query through an Analyzer, 
for searching within the title field, however, I don't want the Analyzer 
pass. And I want a Hit if either field provides it.

Currently I'm using the MultiFieldQueryParser, but that only allows one 
Analyzer for all the fields.

Thank you very much in advance for any pointers,


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